Rental Application

Here are a few frequently asked questions about home buying or renting.

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All states allow landlords to collect a security deposit when the tenant moves in. Landlords use the deposit to cover unpaid rent and perform needed repairs or cleaning that results from more than normal use. You can protect your security deposit by recording the condition of the premises when you move in, by using a move-in checklist and/or taking pictures.
A rental agreement provides for a tenancy of a short period (either month to month or yearly) that is automatically renewed at the end of the period unless the tenant or landlord ends it by giving written notice.
There are some low-interest grants and down payment assistance programs available to first-time homebuyers in many areas. These programs vary depending on your location, your mortgage source and your income.The requirements and benefits of each program will also vary. You should contact a mortgage company or bank for more information on what’s available.


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